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about us

In everything we create, we look for options how to minimize the impact on the environment and the landscape around us.

Originally, we made a chandelier just for hideandseek®, but over the time, we decided to make few more in order to cozy up other interiors as well.

The pine cone chandelier is made from various types of local wood species. During production, we put as much emphasis as possible on the ecological concept and the maximum use of production material.

Inside, under the wooden scales, a source of biodynamic light is hidden. This means that the cone chandelier uses light that adapts its chromaticity to natural sunlight.

This lighting, which supports the circadian rhythm, has a significant effect on sleep quality, regeneration of organism and production of hormones. It uses the principles of light hygiene, chronobiology, procognitive lighting during the day and integrative lighting for the production of melatonin before sleep and at night.